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Business Therapist

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Business Disorders

Common Business Disorders

What our clients say?

"I use Business Therapy Group at least once per month to review my sales strategy, goal planning, and to have a coach to speak to when I am having a difficult time.  My therapist helps me focus on managing my pipeline, prioritizing, delegating, growing my team, and maintaining a positive attitude. We tend to role play scenarios with prospective clients which helps build my confidence and prepares me for rebuttals. We even discuss how to fire clients. I can honestly say, my closing percentage and overall business revenue has increased due to this strategy and I absolutely value this service!

He is my business therapist and no different than a personal therapist."

Avi A. / Insurance & Wealth Management / Partner

“I receive the best guidance from my Business Therapist. After working together for over a year, he set me on a path to doubling our revenue from 2021-22 and we implemented operational processes for sustaining that growth."

Roger L. / Retail Sales / Owner

"I just wanted to let you know I wasn’t happy with todays session. 


I was ecstatic. 


It was like a breath of fresh air to have found someone with the guidance and


answers I need. I'm extremely excited to get into training camp. 

Pat D. / Software Development / Executive

Meet The Therapists

Professional consultants adding their experience to your vision.

Business Therapy Group offers access to telemedicine for entrepreneurs, wantrepreneurs, individuals with a vision, small business owners, and executives by connecting them with experienced Business Therapists (consultants).

Therapy Network

Ready to book your first session?

If you are a proven and successful business consultant, trusted advisor or coach
Inquire to join our team as Business Therapist

Focus on doing what you enjoy and not on the risks.​

Business Therapy Group will:

  • Connect you with the right clients. 

  • Accelerate your acquisitions.

  • Add consistency to your scheduling.

  • Eliminate windshield time.

  • Remove all billing & collections challenges.

Thanks for applying! We will followup with you soon.

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